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Olvasható magyarul is.

A few words about myself:

As my identity card states, my name is Gábor Pécsy, but my friends call me "Pici" (it means "Tiny" or something like that in Hungarian).
I study in computer science at the Eötvös Lórand University as a PhD student. I got my MSc. in comp. sci. in 1998. My research area is object oriented modelling tools in distributed systems.
I live in Budapest.


One of my favourit languages is Ada.


In my sparetime I like to read books, play rolepalying games and drink beer (:-)).  On the top of that, I like listening to music of any kind (classical and pop too). My favorites are the musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Uh, I almost forget my computer, it's one of  my hobbies too. Sometime, I will surely have much free time, and I will write a longer introduction (promise!).

Till then, some text to read (unfortunately in Hungarian):

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